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  • Anthony TaylorAlex Carlier
  • Tony GuglielmiTony Guglielmi
  • Andre DicksonAndre Dickson
  • Cassie BowenCassie Bowen
  • Ian McNairIan McNair
  • Kyle RinehartKyle Rinehart
  • Lauren PrestifilippoLauren Prestifilippo
  • Alex HelinAlex Helin

Anthony Taylor

Multimedia 2005 / Central State

Anthony attended Central State University and began his career in the information technology industry as an intern with The Advanced Virtual Engine Test Cell, Inc. (AVETEC) a not-for-profit public benefit research organization. He also completed a biomedical research program in which he developed MOTION, a software program for automating human gait (walking pattern) data. Anthony currently works as a Software Engineer for Segue Technologies where he develops custom web, mobile, and enterprise systems for the U.S. government and various commercial organizations.

In January of 2013 Anthony completed his Master's degree in Information Systems, setting the ground for his own multimedia startup company.

AvatecMOTIONSegue Technologies

Tony Guglielmi

Multimedia 2008 / Ohio University

Tony gradudated from Ohio University in 2012, with a degree in Visual Communications. While at OU, he worked on numerous projects that helped build his skills. In 2010, he led a project called Project C - Clicking Creates Change that aspires to "create a multimedia-based project that informs, inspires, and calls its audience to become more involved in their community." The project was nominated for a 2011 Adobe Design Achievement Award, and was named a finalist. Tony flew to Taiwan to be part of the awards ceremony.

Tony spent 6 months in New York City, working as an intern for an interactive company named Hello Monday. While there, he worked on a project for Google to commemorate the 1 billionth download of Google Earth. Tony’s site “One World, Many Stories” was the official site used by Google to promote this event.

In 2012, Tony took a position as the Head of User Experience with Imgur in San Francisco, CA.

Projcect C - Clicking Creates ChangeGoogle EarthImgur

Andre Dickson

Multimedia 2005 / Art Institute of Pittsburgh

Andre attended The Art Institute of Pittsburgh and began his career in digital media with a company in Pittsburgh called Kashi Kicks. His path in interactive media has allowed him to work in many different industries including: corporate travel, digital media shops, advertising and education. While working for Brunner, one of Pittsburgh's largest advertising firms, Andre completed projects for high-profile brands such as Bob Evans, Tums, Cub Cadet and Huffy. Andre currently works as the lead Flash Engineer for Think Through Math, where he works to develop math remediation tools used by hundreds of thousands of students nationwide.

Some recent projects he has worked on include:

Lucky LeafCarnegie MelonThink Through Math

Cassie Bowen

Multimedia 2006 / Robert Morris University

Cassie graduated from Robert Morris University and began her career in the video industry with a job as a video engineer at America's Most Wanted. After AMW ended in the Spring of 2011, she took a job on a creative marketing team at Discovery Channel, where she helps create all the promos for shows such as American Choppers, Cash Cab, Gold Rush, Man vs. Wild, Deadliest Catch, Dual Survival, and more.

America's Most WantedDiscovery Channel

Kyle Rinehart

Multimedia 2006 / Capital University

Kyle graduated with a degree in Music Technology from Capital in 2010. While at Capital, he put his Multimedia skills to work by creating Web sites for people, and by running sound at local venues such as the Lincoln Theatre. He also began fixing computers and setting up networks for small businesses. After graduating, he decided to move in the direction of IT Management. He landed a job Cincinnati Bell Technology Solutions and after working hard for a few months, he was quickly promoted into a leadership role with the company.

Ian McNair

Multimedia 2007 / Ohio University

Ian graduated from Ohio University in the spring of 2011 and began his career in web design with a company called Lynton Web.

While at OU, Ian played a major role in the front-end development of the Soul of Athens project.

You can keep up with Ian's growing portfolio of work at his web site:


Lauren Prestifillipo

Multimedia 2007 / University of Cincinnati

Lauren is finishing her degree in digital design at the University of Cincinnati. While at UC, she has earned internships with companies in Los Angeles and New York City. You can see a sample of some of the projects she's worked on at her Web site:

After graduating from the DAAP program at UC, Lauren has co-founded a new business called Rootless, which is a ridesharing network that safely connects people to fill the empty seats in cars.


Alex Helin

Multimedia 2008 / The Ohio State University

Alex attended The Ohio State University Fisher College of Business. He received his BSBA from OSU with a specialization in Logistics Management. Alex is a great example of a student who went on to accomplish big things in other arenas. He began his college career officially as a sophomore because of the 35 college credits he earned while in the Multimedia program.

He drew on some of his Multimedia experiences during the interview process that led to him obtaining an internship with General Mills, Pacer International, and IGS Energy.

Currently, he is employed in a rotational program as a Logistics Management Associate with General Mills in their Milwaukee, Wisconsin plant.